Linette Graddic, M.Ed., LPCRetreat Host and Speaker

Linette Graddic has a passion for ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the brokenhearted. Having genuine compassion toward persons challenged with mental health issues, Linette has been employed by Social Service agencies, including a residential care facility for the criminally psychopathic personality. She has done extensive volunteer work at shelters for the prevention of domestic abuse. As a keynote speaker and seminar presenter, she is passionate about those challenged with overcoming depression and shame and walking in freedom.

Linette Graddic is the Founder and Host of the WHAT’S IN YOU Conferences and Retreats. The ministry vision of this revolutionary movement is to challenge women to introspectively revisit stages of their lives and delve into the “you” that God created. Linette is a therapist in private practice. She is a commissioned officer (Captain) in the Ohio Military Reserve where she served for eight years as Military Chaplain. She has a Master of Education degree with a specialization in clinical mental health counseling from Cleveland State University. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Ashland Theological Seminary.

Linette Graddic was ordained in 1999 in the Pentecostal Churches of Christ where she served for nineteen years in leadership capacities including Parish Pastor and undershepherd for over one hundred families, Assistant Chairperson of The College of Preachers, and served on the Ministerial Credentials Board for the Headquarters Diocese. In 2009, Linette was ordained pastor and in 2015 she was consecrated to the Office of Prophet under the Apostolic covering of Apostle Winnie Hamilton, Ph.D., of Son Rise Global Ministries, where she serves as Director of Women’s Ministry and Assistant to the Board of Credentials.

Linette serves in ministry alongside her husband, Apostle Randy Graddic, through Mercy Center Global Ministries, an outreach ministry that seeks to affect emotional and spiritual wellness for clergy and leaders and people of faith. Linette is an itinerant minister and keynote speaker. She has also ministered on the Continent of Africa. Linette Graddic is a prepared vessel and prophetic voice in the Kingdom of God.

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