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Emotional Health and Wellness

Inner Healing Therapy for pastors and leaders

“Go through it so you can be through with it.” Linette Graddic

Thera-P is a Spirit-directed individual counseling intensive to help people find hope and healing for deep emotional wounds. Invest today in your emotional and spiritual wellness. Encounter the transformative healing power of Jesus Christ. Our private Thera-P intensive program may integrate Christian counseling, spiritual direction, and inner healing therapy with a view to bring hope, healing, and spiritual wholeness to broken people.


  • Combining six to eight therapy sessions into one full-day intensive

  • Thera-P is an all-day counseling intensive for emotionally and spiritually wounded people

  • Thera-P clients we serve include: Pastors and Leaders, Professional Entertainers, Pilots, Police Officers, Professionals, Executives and people of faith

  • Thera-P is inner healing for hurting people

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Spiritual Direction
Christian Counseling
Inner Healing Therapy

What others are saying about Thera-P

  • “I prayed before coming to my session for God to not only show up, but to allow me to experience Him in a new and fresh way, and to heal me of my wounds. I can say that through this experience, God did just that and more!”

  • “I thank God for this woman of God in prophet/therapist Linette Graddic. I felt I had a true encounter with the Lord and with my true self; her ability to ‘see’ me and to speak as a messenger of God. I am eternally grateful.”

  • “King Solomon states in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything under the sun, even a time of healing. I’m so glad there are places like the Mercy Center and the Graddic’s who await our arrival.”




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