Meet The Graddics

Apostle R. Randy Graddic & Linette Graddic, M.Ed., LPC

The Story Behind

the Leadership

Answering the Call

The constant cry of “souls are waiting” resounds within the hearts of both of these instruments of God’s end-time harvest. Whether the cry is being made from the depths of a soul estranged from the acceptance of God’s salvation, despaired from the rigors of life, or mentally diseased due to past or present trauma — their cry is heard. Randy Graddic hears the cry especially of the men in and out of the Body of Christ. He has been equipped by God with straightforward ministry of encouragement to bring men to rise to the full stature and potential both spiritually and naturally. His standing in the community as a businessman of excellence and integrity afford him the platform and acceptance of those in need of ministry, healing, and direction. It is to be noted that his focus transcends the immediate borders of this country but has taken him into fulfillment of the global call to ministry abroad particularly on the Continent of Africa. Deeply intertwined and supported by Randy is the ministry of his wife of 33 years, Linette Graddic, and it is together they form The Mercy Center.


Waiting, hurting, transitioning, and burdened souls are delicate and to be dealt with in love, with compassion, and critical care. Linette has proven to be a spirit-led woman of God willing to dedicate the time in prayer, discipleship, mentoring, and restoration needed to bring the desperate souls of men and women to spiritual and emotional health. Equipping herself in both secular and religious studies for the benefit of ministry to the broken, Linette strives to see that the lives of these individuals are brought to wholeness in Christ and in their day- to-day living. Focusing on the often shunned mental health community is indicative of Linette’s desire to bring the “healing balm” of Christ to those who are in much need of His touch.

 Finally, to observe the ministry of Randy and Linette Graddic one word comes to mind—excellence. Echoing the fact that our God is excellent in all His ways and doings, they have made it their life effort to convey His ministry in the same fashion.

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