The WIY Inner Healing Retreat

Your Journey Towards Emotional Wellness.

The vision of What’s in You is to challenge women to introspectively revisit stages of their lives and delve into the “you” that God created.

  • A process of recovery from pain and brokenness
  • An experience with Christ for lasting change and healing
  • Consultation with a Christian professional therapist
  • Caregiving toward your emotional healing
  • Therapeutic tools for your path towards wholeness
  • Caregivers training class to assist others on their healing journey

WIY Inner Healing Retreat



What Others are Saying about the Retreat

  • I will be back with a friend.

  • The conference was phenomenal! Praise God!

    Pastor Philomena
  • I left with a whole new outlook on life. My life is impacted every time I come.

  • It was so beautiful to see so many women of different ages, get together. The speakers are AWESOME! They’re balanced and most importantly…open to the Holy Spirit! Thank you to Elder Graddic and all of our staff at Mercy Center Global Ministries for the much effort put into this wonderful event, renewing the spirits of women. The blessing of God could not be more evident in your ministry.

    Dr. Margaret
  • I am ready to live my best life now for God.

  • I was at the hotel for a business training. As I walked down the hall to my meeting room, I saw two lovely ladies dressed in red (as I was). They assumed I was coming to their women’s conference. As talked with them, I felt the love and power of the Holy Spirit in the midst of us. After about ½ hour into my training, I left to go to the restroom. On my way, I had to pass the women’s conference. Again, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit. I had to open the door and peek in. As I opened the door, I saw Lady Graddic moving among the tables. I stepped inside the door and Lady Graddic looked at me but she was spiritually in another place; I could see it in her countenance. She said, “You have to push through to get your breakthrough.” My heart literally leaped in my chest. What Lady Graddic said was what I NEEDED to hear; it was confirmation that my breakthrough was near. I quietly slipped out of the conference and took a few moments to praise God before I went back into my training. I was in the right place, at the right time!

    Lady Adrienne
  • Pastor Linette has her finger on the pulse of women who are in pain. Through her gifted and anointed spiritual projection of deliverance, women will find a light that will guide them through emotional darkness that has gripped them for far too long.

    Dr. Yvonne
  • I was able to forgive some people after years of “trying” to forgive. I received a great deliverance after attending the What’s In You Conference. I didn’t come for that purpose; however, the power of deliverance was available for me, too.

    Pastor Pam
  • I thought to come just because—but I received more than I ever expected…Bless God!

  • This conference is one of a kind. Last year I learned so much about myself and the hurts and disappointments that I had not realized I was still holding on to. I left the conference less burdened, refreshed and walking towards a path of inner healing. As pastor’s wife, I am always looking for resources to assist me in building the women in our church and this conference is a necessary tool for every church to utilize. One person/pastor cannot do everything and the anointing on Pastor Linette and her guest speakers truly reach the heart of issues in women’s lives and can clearly give instruction and direction towards healing.

    Lady Kim
  • 5 star!!! Awesome and refreshing. I met God. Healing received.

  • Sad with a smile was my testimony. It’s not anymore. I am in awe of the honesty of the ministry. OMG! This has been life changing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • My life is alive again because I was here today. Thank you Father for loving me so.

    Elder Gail
  • I was so impressed by the love and acceptance in the room. To get up from a stale place and walk in the calling I’ve been entrusted to. Also, very impressed how warmly I was received as a white woman. Such a beautiful spirit in this place!

  • Deliverance from anxiety!

  • 10 out of 10. This has been great. It has changed my life. I feel restored.

  • Real, raw and needed!


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